How We Train Dogs



Having trained all breeds, with leading experts, (biologist, psychologists, and behaviorists), from around the world, for 30 years, our backlog of experience and expertise is unmatched and priceless. We are considered experts in numerous breeds and hard to handle and understand behaviors. We have succeeded where our competition hasn’t even begun.


We train dogs according to their own natural psychology. The training follows a natural mental evolution that your dog will understand and accept with less trauma, stress, and reaction.


If a trainer puts one more once of pressure on your dog than you would, your dog is going to feel abused. We set your dog up to want to perform, to want to train with us, and to become motivated to perform as is natural for them. As a result we get dogs that perform voluntarily, with drive, and consistency, because the dogs feel good, are happy, and have decided to personalize the training.


We do NOT mix our instruction with either punishment or hard corrective techniques, in order to teach your dog to perform. We have found that doing so confuses and destroys your dogs’ ability to learn and perform. Instead we use pure instructional techniques, and enjoy a much better response from our dogs.


We bring our dogs into our home, let our children walk, handle, and play with them, and allow them to relax in with us. It makes a big difference. The dogs are trained and handled by men, women, children, strangers, and taught to work around other dogs.


We use several different types of approaches, integrated holistically and inter-dimensionally, to train your dog. One dimensional of conditio

NAL ning is strengthened when combined with conditioning using another dimension of communication and understanding. Just as we have five different senses, so we use techniques that are based on integrating your dogs smell, hearing, seeing, feeling, and tasting.


Because our training is based on working with the subconscious mind of the dog, we can engrain our conditioning into your dog’s personality. We go further, faster, by getting your dog to personalize their performance. As a result the conditioning received will last for the entire life of your dog, guaranteed.


The goal in our obedience training is not to teach individual commands. It is not enough to teach a dog how to behave. Instead we teach a system of integrated behaviors that each dog will receive, learn, accept, normalize personalize… and habitualize. In doing so, the dog’s thought process and subsequent behavior will be modified and literally transformed. The dog will “become” an obedient dog and therefore naturally do what an obedient dog does.

I do not believe in the dominance/submission theories of rote training and conditioning for dogs. Instead, we use a team philosophy and the natural bonding process between you and your dog to develop a special connection with them through the training process. The principles of equality, the right to choose, the ability to be responsible for their own actions, the ability to cooperate, communicate, and coexist, each contribute to the team or (pack) relationship you have developed, and are essential to the training process.

The training must be conducted naturally, as the dog can perceive, ingest, and accept it with the least amount of stress and conflict. Motivation is a major factor in training and your dog must be motivated from within to perform or the training will fail.

The exercises heel, sit, stay, come, and down are just tools we use to develop behavior. What we teach is behavior. We teach your dog:

  • To stop completely on command and prepare to receive your instruction, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • To focus on you intensely, ignoring all distractions
  • Receive your instructions.
  • To follow your instructions exactly as given wholeheartedly, voluntarily, without stress, force, or demand.
  • To obey voluntarily, whole heartedly, willingly, and completely

We teach each dog to learn, understand, accept, personalize and habitualize our conditioning, performing naturally, as a fact of life, in obedient and loving response to you, because of the bond you both share.

GUARANTEE: After training you should be able to maintain the work done with minor adjustments, to keep your dog “tuned-up” and working properly! We guarantee your dogs’ performance for their entire life! Further training should only be necessary for expanding, enhancing, and raising the level of your dogs’ performance.

Besides transforming your dogs’ behavior, our normal curriculum includes teaching your dog to:

  • Stop and relax on command
  • Stop (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
  • Listen
  • Ignore all distractions
  • Follow instructions, exactly as given
  • Obey voluntarily, obediently, & whole heartedly
  • Listen to normal spoken commands, without using demands or threatening vocal compulsions
  • Follow hand, body, breath, & thought signals
  • Become sensitive to the handler
  • Work without putting an ounce of pressure on the leash
  • Move step by step with, around and for the handler
  • Change their emotional responsiveness, receptivity and drive according to the handlers wish
  • Learn to enjoy performing
  • Learn to enjoy being a good dog
  • Learn to become sensitive to how you feel, what you want, and what you need
  • Learn to correct their mistakes by themselves
  • Increase attention span
  • Increase conscious ability to think and respond
  • Heel correctly, and stay in position until released.
  • Sit automatically or on command
  • Down automatically, or on command
  • Stay until released
  • Place for long periods until released
  • Come energetically and sit in front of the handler
  • Go, to the yard, to their place, to the car, etc. on command
  • Watch the handler with complete eye-to-eye contact and concentration

TECHNIQUE: Behavioral transformation requires the skill of understanding and working with the sub-conscious mind of the dog, to be effective at all. Without a correct understanding of the genetic make-up, the instincts and the temperament of each dog which causes its’ behavior they are at best fishing and gambling with your dog. It is easy to quote simple proverbs about behavior without having a real knowledge of K-9 and child psychology and mental development.

The real, comprehensive difference between what we offer and our field of competitors will give you, is that we teach behaviors, instilling them into the subconscious mind of each dog we work with.