Vision Statement

The idea for the development of the UNITED STATES Canine Academy, (U. S. K-9) came first of all as a result of receiving numerous letters from people that either suffered from, or were related to others that have and do suffer from debilitating mental and physical disabilities. I quickly came to a point where I was unable to just listen, and feel sorry for these people. I needed to do something. I started calling University Departments, Businesses, and Associations for information.

I did have some clients that caught my vision, and decided to help. I spent several months with them developing a new Service Assistance program for the business, I called “Dogwish”. I also spent months designing a program to train “Dogwish” dogs for the many needed recipients. We were on the verge of putting together a great program, and the business fell apart because when it came time for financial and personal commitment, the other members felt I was asking too much. Unfortunately, their own personal lives have gone the same way. Since then I have started, without help, and finished my program for training “Dogwish” dogs. I have now trained several dogs, for different clients, with great, life changing, success. The difference these dogs have made in the lives of their handlers in indescribable. However, along with physical and mental disabilities, come financial disabilities. They go together, like lightning and thunder, ripping apart the lives of all they touch, while the rest of us sit back in comfort and self-centered apathy, and ignore their plight. There are many dogs I could have trained but did not have the funds to do so.

A year later we all witnessed the 9-11 national emergencies, and the President’s decision to create a Department of Homeland Security. Again, I was approached by clients who wanted to help me develop a branch of the business to train dogs for America. I called this business, Bob Taylor’s UNITED STATES Canine Academy, (U. S. K-9). At their request, I began by calling Federal, State, and local County Departments and Agencies, and asking questions about dog related programs for their particular field of endeavor. I got to know the people involved, what they were doing, and how effective the dogs used in their particular programs were. Simply put, they weren’t…mostly at all. Again, when it came time to do something, these people washed out, leaving me to continue with their good wishes.

At the same time Battalion Chief Craig Fry of the Los Angeles Fire Department, a client of mine for whom I have trained several dogs, returned from 911, where he administrated work with the Search and Rescue K-9s. He was also very discouraged, and spoke to me about the need for qualified S&R dogs in America today, which is staggering. I investigated the current programs, and found him exactly correct. However, again, I didn’t have the finances available to fund and establish a program for these dogs either. With nobodies help, I could only do so much myself.

So, we decided to CREATE the ability to train these dogs. We are establishing a non-profit corporation, called “the DOGWISH Foundation” which now enables Corporations, Businesses, Private Enterprises, and Individuals, to receive tax deductions, and credits, for their contributions. These contributions are being used exclusively for the purchase, and training of “Dogwish” dogs.

I can now proudly state that Bob Taylor’s UNITED STATES Canine Academy has been established directly, for the purpose of saving, and increasing the quality of life of Americans. It is a business committed to doing whatever is necessary to answer the call, and provide the best trained K-9s in the world for our Country, and its’ population of disabled persons.

We are presently procuring and training K-9s for the disabled, and individuals in the Department of Homeland Security, AND for Search and Rescue, Nationally. We are openly seeking donations and contributions as you are led to give.


Bob Taylor, and the STAFF of U. S. K-9.