Why You Should Be Doing Business With Us.

Bob Taylor’s Background

Retired Los Angeles Police Department Officer

Long Beach Animal Control Officer (specialized in handling dangerous animals)

Graduated Long Beach State University (degree in Psychology and Philosophy)

Los Angeles Superior Court Animal Behaviorist

Long Beach Superior Court Animal Behaviorist

Orange County Superior Court Animal Behaviorist

San Bernardino Superior Court Animal Behaviorist

Retained by Countries and International Corporations(Traveled throughout Europe and Asia building facilities and training for various countries and corportations.)

Trained 1,000s of dogs for obedience and behavior

Trained over 100 “dangerous dogs”

Trained 100’s of “problem” dogs with guaranteed results

Trained 100’s of dogs as Police K-9s, Customs, and Assistance K-9s

Trained protection dogs for personal, home, and business concerns

Trained and handled numerous National and World Champion Schutzhund, (obedience, tracking, & protection) dogs. (Schutzhund is the dog sport used to breed and develop Police K-9 dogs around the world.)

Represented the German Shepherd Dog Club of America 12 times at the World Schutzhund Championships.

Written 4 Books on Dog Psychology and Training

Developed Own Dog Psychology

Trained numerous Post Certified Service Assistance K-9 dogs for Developmentally Disabled, and Disabled Persons (We are the only private school, recognized and licensed by the State of California to train guide dogs and service assistance dogs for the Department of Rehabilitation.)