This unique title is reserved a special group of dogs. These are dogs that are trained to save lives, and to work on level worthy of the name. They are trained in our CRITICAL BEHAVIOR DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE.

Psychiatric Service Assistance K-9s are a new vitally needed assistance dog.   Their training enables them to understand and respond to the mental/neural concerns of their handlers, making them of vital assistance when needed.

Complete Search and Assault Dogs , capable of search and rescue, seize, or stop, as well as cadaver, explosives, narcotics, patrol, and criminal detection, all-in-one, make these K-9s the real special forces canines of the dog world.

US-K9 Special Forces Family Defense K-9s are totally unique in the field of protection trained family pets.    These dogs are trained for off leash obedience, tracking, and scent discrimination.   Then they are trained for off leash personal protection, sentry assault work, and to be totally non-aggressive on command.   They are literally a trained soldier, body guard, and the perfect companion all in one.