Tourism Ireland turns digital poster sites into a music festival broadcast

Tourism Ireland turns digital poster sites into a music festival broadcast

Tourism Ireland is turning digital poster sites into virtual stages for a music festival to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

“The big thing is that our billboards aren’t showing ads – they’re showing acts. Music acts. Dance acts,” Steve Paskin, creative director, Publicis.Poke, told Campaign.

He added: “We’re turning out-of-home sites into virtual stages that people can interact with or just stand and watch. It’s a really lovely way to bring a nice, green slice of Ireland to city streets all over the world. As far as we can tell, it’s the first time anyone’s streamed a music festival through OOH sites globally.”

Championing Ireland’s music culture to a global audience, the “Green button festival” is accessible through scannable digital billboards. Created by Publicis.Poke, passers-by can scan a QR code on the digital display to activate and control the entertainment with the green button on their smartphones.

Paskin added: “Luckily, we’ve all got used to using QR codes in lockdown – to check in, read the menu, order a drink, whatever. So we decided to take advantage of people’s new-found skill for our billboard.”

When activated, the green button draws a curtain and the digital display plays various acts from the festival, including the Hothouse Flowers from Dublin’s Temple Bar and Kíla from Newgrange.

Tourism Ireland works closely with events and cultural bodies on the island, which gave it access to a wide selection of pre-recorded music and dance performances shot all over Ireland that were used for the festival.

OOH sites carrying the campaign are located in London (Westfield, White City), New York (1560 Broadway, Times Square), Sydney (Sydney Cove Overseas Passenger Terminal) and Milan (Via Dante, Largo Cairoli).

The OOH campaign is supported by an online hub on where people can also watch the performances. The “Green button festival” will run on digital channels and small articles such as tote bags and photo picture frames will be used at the billboard sites to further bring the festival theme to life.

Mark Henry, director of central marketing at Tourism Ireland, said: “Saint Patrick’s Day is an annual gift to Irish tourism as it gives us an opportunity to be front of mind during an important time for summer holiday planning.

“We wanted a creative idea that linked the day with our lead ‘Green button’ campaign, which is encouraging people to get up and go and book a holiday to the island of Ireland. The festival literally requires you to press that green button to get the event underway so the integration is perfect and we hope it will encourage audiences to take the next step and press that ‘book now’ button for Ireland.”

The “Green button festival” is the latest iteration of Tourism Ireland’s wider “Green button” campaign launched in 202, which seeks to remind travellers of all the adventures a visit to Ireland will bring to those who press the green button. 

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