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  • Open-source developer adds pro-Ukraine ‘protestware’ to JavaScript tool

    The developer of a popular open-source tool added pro-Ukraine “protestware” to the software, prominent cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs reported on Thursday. The open-source tool in question is known as node-ipc. It’s written in the JavaScript programming language and is used for networking tasks. Cybersecurity startup Snyk Ltd. provided a technical analysis of the incident in a […]

  • New Nintendo Switch update finally adds folders

    The latest Nintendo Switch update (version 14.0.0) is now available, and it brings with it a long-awaited feature: the ability to create folders.  Now, you can create custom ‘Groups’ of up to 200 games and/or apps and name it whatever you want. Up to 100 groups can be created. As an example, Nintendo cites specific […]