Art College Scholarship Money To Help Cover Those College Costs

If you are looking for art college scholarships that can provide a way for you to get through college without buy packwoods pink runtz piling up your future in student loans, then you will need to take a look at the options in front of you. Indiana State University offers scholarships for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. The amount awarded by this school is about three hundred dollars per person and in order to qualify for it you must an undergraduate student who has demonstrated a passion for this area of study. That may not seem like a lot of money, but tuition and textbooks can add up. You can also qualify for other funding and should apply for multiple awards from organizations.

Illinois State University also offers scholarships to those who are in need in the amount of five hundred dollars. To be eligible you must be enrolled in this school with a major in art. The criteria that is used to select people for this scholarship is artistic ability, the student’s portfolio as well as the GPA. Your original work will be reviewed for the final determination.

Another scholarship which offers award money is the Mary Packwood Scholarship. This pertains to those students who are currently enrolled in an art program at a reputable school. You can receive up to three hundred dollars which can be helpful in meeting the bills of book purchases and school course work. The Mary Walker scholarship is another option to pursue for art students who are in need of funds for school. This scholarship awards five hundred dollars or less to African American students who show a desire to enter into an art program at a college or university.

The University of Arizona School of Art has an award which applies to those who plan on majoring in Art History, Studio Art, or Art Education. The school will distribute approximately fifty thousand dollars to a number of students who are in need of a way to pay for college expenses like tuition, books, and other class fees. There are a few qualification which you must meet in order to get the scholarship, including being an undergraduate student and having active enrollment at the University of Arizona. Your average needs to be 3.0 or higher to receive funds from the school and your work will be evaluated.

Another option for in-need students is Ball State University, which has an excellent art program and offers scholarships to hundreds of students each year who need financial aid. If you receive a scholarship from this university, it will be helpful to ease the financial burden. The amount awarded is about one thousand dollars per year and again your grade point needs to be 3.0 or higher. Your portfolio of art work will be reviewed for making a decision if you qualify. It is important to apply to as many awards as possible to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Don’t overlook your local community for college funding money and corporations that offer these.

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