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February 16, 2021 0 By Nina William

Career employment centers are located in different countries to help people find jobs that suit their 僱傭中心 qualifications. There are many reasons why people visit these online service centers, and this is usually done in order to find a quick and reliable job ad in the preferred area or area.

You may have just graduated from college or been fired from your job as a result of the economic crisis a few years ago. After endless days of waiting for a pension or insurance check to make ends meet, you have finally decided to find a new job or at least earn an income by working on a decent open vacancy. Whatever the reason, when you come to an employment center, you are looking for a job. They also have a number of career development tools that can identify your strengths and weaknesses or shape career choices.

This type of service center does not necessarily mean an office where people can apply for professional advice. This is usually a free online program that is usually funded by employers in the United States to find a suitable candidate for their vacant position. All you need is a login unit, an email address, a ready-to-download resume file and a short email for employment. These centers usually have a user interface and simple navigation buttons that help the applicant find the link and the right tabs. They also have chat support or hotline numbers that you can contact if you have any questions.

Applicants typically upload their resumes to these online centers, which are stored in the center’s central database. The system provides filters that allow employers to look for qualifications for a particular job. Gone are the days when companies visited offices in search of employees or professionals and personally passed on their portfolios or resumes. With employment services, your busy resume is in potential business databases that specify your qualifications. Certain qualifications are filtered until the right candidates are shortlisted and staff resources from human resources are contacted.

Cast notifications are usually sent by email. So check your inbox regularly to see if the company is interested in the interview. Usually the first email is sent with a possible interview or additional qualifications for a particular position. You have to answer briefly and honestly if you want to accept the job. Keep an eye on which companies you’ve contacted or contacted to know who to respond to during your correspondence.

It is now much easier and easier to get a job done using the database platforms of these online centers. Many websites advertise job ads online for free. You need to optimize your use so you can find a suitable job.

The job search game is now a buyer’s market.

By now, everyone should know that the current recession has affected many businesses. One result is that a large number of highly skilled people are unemployed, many for the first time in their lives.

The stories are sobering:

Sandra K. – 45 years, worked in the national company for more than 15 years and regularly promoted to the level of vice president with excellent reviews and acceptable salary. Licensed with a one-day notice and is now working on a sales order for individual employees with a full commission.

Kevin B. is 24 years old and has a bachelor’s degree in finance from a prestigious university with almost excellent grades and many additional classes. When he went to college, he expected to get a job of $75,000 to $80,000 and a lot of businesses if he worked hard and done the right thing. Now he’s struggling to get an interview.

Sarah A. – 59 years old, 17 years – Senior Sales specialist and marketing of the same company and a very generous reward. Dismissed without warning and now replaces teachers; loves work, but is experiencing financial difficulties, not to mention the harm to self-esteem.

I could tell dozens of stories like the stories of good people who have worked hard and succeeded and are now in transition, wondering what they are going to do next. Some wonder whether they will work again, let alone receive an equivalent salary.

The rules of the game have changed.

But even in this economy there are jobs, and employers are still working. But the game has changed, and it is important to change the strategy of job search.

The old approach to job search is to update your resume. Just the opposite.

The first step should be to study the labor market and analyze what employers are looking for. Only when this information is clear makes sense to update the resume. The cv should reflect how a candidate can meet the needs of the employer and solve the employer’s problems. It is not enough just to write a resume based on what the candidate was doing and her qualifications. The needs of the employer come first.

Sounds simple, but it’s not. Conducting research takes time and attention to detail. Learn job instructions and lists of skills and qualifications you need for the types of jobs you’re interested in. This information is vital and provides the basis for creating an effective resume that shows that a candidate is the best recruit for an employer.

The summary must be adapted to the employer.

This does not mean that the resume becomes fictitious. This means that the resume contains only information that will help the employer decide to interview and possibly hire a candidate. This means that your CV is no longer a complete story about your career and certainly not your whole life.

In fact, if the information does not justify the decision to interview the candidate, it should not be on the resume at all.

We have to change the way we think.

Most of us love our achievements too much, love all the great things we have done too much. The fact is that employers do not care about all these details – it is important to them what a candidate as an employee can do for them. Period. We need to think about ourselves and give them information from our past that meets their expectations.

Is it easy? No.

Is this possible? Of course.

It just makes us change the way we think about our resumes and even about our careers. Think as an employer, and finding a job will be much smoother and will end faster, even in these difficult economic times.

Kenneth Judd is Chief Operating Officer of Make It Happen for Women Consulting, based in Parker, Colorado.

Make It Happen For Women (MIH4W) is based on the principle that women around the world should get the most out of managing their careers. This includes access to career marketing services that provide affordable personalized services tailored to life and career changes and the priorities of professional American women across all industries and wage ranges.